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Kindred Spirits Circle

Winter 2020-2021 Waiting List

In-Person Gatherings (Paused as of 3/16/2020) Holding our world in prayer!

December 2019 In-Person Sistership Circle (Check out the Online Gatherings)

Inland Empire Tribe

Hemet | Perris | San Jacinto

Are you looking for a tribe of sisters who will have your back, support your dreams, and lift you up?

Do you crave deeper, more meaningful connection with like-minded women who are dedicated to celebration of sisterhood instead of competition and cattiness?

Then please receive this open invitation to join us for this month’s circle gathering:

“Building our Sister Tribe”
A long time ago, when tribes of hunters and gatherers roamed the earth, they huddled shoulder to shoulder to stay warm in February, the coldest month of the year.

The unity and solidarity as a tribe was necessary for survival.

And today, in our modern culture, this same solidarity is more critical than ever.

We need each other.
Sisterhood is nourishment.
Tribe is home.

During this gathering, we will circle around three themes:

Connect heart to heart with our sisters
Bring love and affinity to our relationships in our lives

Learn the secret to building real, authentic community
Practice weaving ourselves together to feel a deeper sense of belonging and solidify our bond

Sit in “Dream Circle” to give and receive support
Experience a beautiful ritual to bring our feminine energy out into the world

If this is something that pulls at your heartstrings and you are seeking that real authentic connection with sisters, join me in building our sister tribe at this month’s circle gathering.

Register below to save your seat. Upon registration, you will receive an email confirmation and directions to the space. All ticket sales are final.



Online Gatherings                                        Are resuming 12/1/2020

December 2020


April 2020

Join us on Zoom:

4/7/2020   Sistership Circle | Full Moon

4/20/2020 Sistership Circle | Build Our Tribe

4/22/2020 Sistership Circle | New Moon


Past Offerings

December 2019
Dec 30, 2019 (2020 Forecast)


2020 Serving Woman Circle

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 Serving Wom an Circle
Soul-Based Women's Circle for Women Serving as Activated Leaders, Mentors and

Serving Woman Circle
Virtual Circle for Women Leaders
Soul-Based Women's Circle for Women Serving as Activated Leaders, Mentors and Women Change Agents that Help to Heal the Community
Hosted by:
Selina Davis - Certified Circlework Facilitator (Sacred Space Holder)
As part of the requested donation of $45.00 A collective choice of where the $10.00 per sister-friend participant donation will be donated to a charity picked during circle. We are open to 20 sister-friends joining circle. Our charity donation would be $200* for example upon calling in 20 sisters. That would be sent to a charity that we choose in circle as a collective. *Giveback/Pay It Forward Mission Agreement - Shared during circle.

Women Change Agents that Help to Heal the Community.

Virtual Circle and In-Person Gathering for Women Leaders that are:
Spiritual - Social - Activated Women Creatives - Sensitives - Change Agents
Sacred Rebels - Sacred Warriors - Disruptors - Multi-prenuers - Mom-prenuer
Love Boss - "Guru-tastic Woman Leader" - Mystic -Self-Care Intensive - Medicine Woman

That is You Sister Friend!!!!!!


Feminine Leadership Gatherings