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Kindred Spirits Circle

Upcoming Retreat Collaboration

Coaching, Community, and Conversation with
my best friend of 30 years Stella Belgarde and special guests (my beautiful sister friends):
Dancing Moon of and Nisonja McGary of MyMahana (

We all are looking forward to seeing you and having you join us on May 4, 2019. This will be a beautiful space to drop into for the day. You will be seen, heard, and empowered. We don't and won't try to "fix you" but we will give you lots of support in your self-healing and inner work. We WILL celebrate and witness each other.

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Body Movement
Feminine Power and Energy Work
Womb Healing
Sistership Circle
Essential Oils, Flower Essences, Gem Stones and Crystals

Full Day Retreat and Closing Retreat Circle
Facilitated by Stella and Selina and Guest Experts (Sisters)

Hosted at a beautiful Baldwin Hills area location.
Breakfast, Lunch, various treats i.e. journal and so much more best of all hugs and sister love and support.

Message me for more information and details on early bird.

January 2019

Super Moon | Blood Moon | Eclipse | in Leo

Though we are in hibernation we also can harness this energy to heal and nurture our relationship within ourselves. A little movement will do here. So tonight, on this beautiful eclipse energy in the dark of the full moon sing or listen to sacred and badass songs of love and praise while swaying from your hips exuberantly. I have a few suggestions: Santana – Full Moon Santana - Canela Beyoncé - Hold Up Santana - Life is a Lady Holiday

We are in the depth of winter. Yet we are also set for wildness and play with energy of the wild woman. The Wild Woman is one who is not afraid to reject society’s rules in order to make great change which she knows is important and necessary. Wild Women show up with clear intentions that manifesting. Releasing everything that is not serving any longer. Give gratitude.

It is Sunday, 1/20/2019 and the first day of the week that starts us off. This day calls for BLUE and promotes the feelings of stillness and peace according to Vedic healing.  Think about things that create pure, clear and vibrant rays of light which reflect the radiance of natural grounding of love and higher vibrations that bring you to have respect and compassion for all. The color yellow to follow on Monday which will enhance spiritual wisdom to encourage true gifts of discernment. Tuesday Pink to open to the strength of love and energy of the heart center.

Experiential Meditation - Please listen to this meditation

Empowering Meditation – Please confront your negative voice that insists that our positive qualities don’t exist. View yourself from the perspective of ALL KNOWING divinity. Divine recognize you are sacred. Affirm the existence of your positive qualities. You are equal to others – INTELLIGENT, CAPABLE, COMPASSIONATE AND LOVEABLE. – Mantra of Love

My personal thoughts and themes for January include deconstruction or the breaking down of the true significance of experiences. The full moon is energetically a very powerful time for releasing and letting go of all that no longer serves YOU! We will set our mind on what we want to release from our lives, and what we want to make room to manifest in. This is time for change!!! Serious change. The January 20th/21st Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo is offering a profound opportunity to own your truth.

Put those crystals outside if you can.





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Thank you for joining us! ~Selina known also as Selene Therese Yemaya